Why we do what we do

Every Idea Starts With a Problem

Ours is obvious: every spice rack sold online and in retail stores includes spices that someone else chooses.

It turns out there is a simple explanation: spice rack makers are in the business of selling racks, not spices.

A quick online search will yield hundreds of different spice racks in styles to match any taste and décor. Yet there are only about 25 different spices that the top-selling spice rack brands use to fill their spice jars and racks. 

Why? Two reasons.

But the problem with that...

They don't necessarily make great meals - that part is up to you. Our part? Offer a selection of beautiful spice racks, and let you choose the spices you want in it.

After all, you can follow someone else's recipe and use someone else's idea of the 'right' spices. Or you can ignore the recipe and whip up your own culinary creation using your signature palette of spices.

It's your choice, and that's the whole point.